Saturday, 17 December 2011

Paid In Full

"All the world’s great religions show that people expect to pay for their sins.

Some do penance, while tens of millions believe they will suffer in some future life by reincarnation.

Most expect some awful judge to pass sentence on judgment day and pronounce their eternal destiny.

Some expect to suffer cleansing agonies in the flames of Purgatory.

The Christian gospel has a different message! It says: “JESUS HAS PAID FOR IT ALL.”

That is the matchless glory of the gospel, the gospel Paul and Peter preached.

They took that message into a world loaded with guilt. (Acts 13:38, NIV).

If the blood of Jesus God’s Son cleanses us from all sin, if He has paid the price, as Scripture clearly declares, what need is there for us to pay again or suffer again for sins for which Christ suffered in our place? Isn’t what He did good enough? O yes, it is; praise God, it is!"

(Reinhard Bonnke)

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