Saturday, 26 November 2011

Introducing The Lover of My Soul - My Everything

This is who He is, and what He is to me.

He is
1. My creator
2. My Shepherd
3. My Strength and Song
4. My Shield
5. My Portion forever (ie. MINE)
6. My Helper
7. My Life
8. My Deliverer
9. My Provider
10. My Stronghold in time of trouble
11. My Light and My Salvation
12. My Fortress
13. My Father
14. My Healer
15. My Guide
16. My Refuge and my Saviour
17. My Protector
18. My King
19. My Source of life
20. My Comforter
21. My Rest and Peace
22. My Shelter
23. My Shade at my right hand
24. My Teacher
25. My Confidence
26. My Leader
27. My Warrior
28. My Hope
29. My God forever and ever
30. My Defender
31. My Rock and My Redeemer
32. My Joy and My Delight
33. My Power
34. My Inheritance
35. My Maker
36. My True God
37. My Victory

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