Saturday, 29 October 2011

No More Vaguebooking

Ok, so....
I need to have a rant and offload.

Now. I would normally default to writing a short and cryptic one-liner on Facebook.
But a very wise and straight-talking friend of mine recently admonished me for using Facebook as a platform to vent my frustration while not actually 'saying' much... This phenomenon is commonly referred to amongst Facebookers as "vague-booking". As I dislike jargon intensely (read 'hate'), I will try and define the term for you. (Hang on haven't I already done that??)

For example, say someone you're close to in real life has done (or said) something that has OUTRAGEOUSLY upset you, vaguebooking about it would probably look something like this: "I wish some people would just grow up" - or: "well I didn't see THAT coming" - or still: "I am so hurt right now I can hardly breathe"

Know the kind of thing?!?

These kind of status updates really make me want to scream - yet sadly (and embarrassingly) I am Guilty As Charged!! Talk about a case of 'pot calling the kettle black'... *cringes*

So, I am hereby officially quitting Vaguebooking.
I am tempted to quit Facebook altogether too, but I don't think I'm quite emotionally mature enough for that. Yet.

I have had too many people worrying about me after a few cryptic updates I posted recently, some even apparently implying I was feeling suicidal, when all I was expressing was a deep frustration with life on earth...

Sorry about that. Not going to happen. Not again. Not EVER.

If I'm going to offload, wear my heart on my sleeve, be all 'vulnerable' and sometimes a bit gloomy, I'll do it on my blog from now on.

Can't say I never do anything for you people.

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  1. I'm not on FB still, holding out. And honestly what you're describing is one of the reasons... I hear about these kinds of vague statements and I just think I have better things to do with my time! If there's celebration to be shared, hooray! If there's frustration to be vented, go right ahead. But if it's going to be words that really have no meaning to 90% of their audience, makes me wonder why bother?

    But then again, I could be overthinking. :o)


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