Saturday, 29 October 2011

No More Vaguebooking

Ok, so....
I need to have a rant and offload.

Now. I would normally default to writing a short and cryptic one-liner on Facebook.
But a very wise and straight-talking friend of mine recently admonished me for using Facebook as a platform to vent my frustration while not actually 'saying' much... This phenomenon is commonly referred to amongst Facebookers as "vague-booking". As I dislike jargon intensely (read 'hate'), I will try and define the term for you. (Hang on haven't I already done that??)

For example, say someone you're close to in real life has done (or said) something that has OUTRAGEOUSLY upset you, vaguebooking about it would probably look something like this: "I wish some people would just grow up" - or: "well I didn't see THAT coming" - or still: "I am so hurt right now I can hardly breathe"

Know the kind of thing?!?

These kind of status updates really make me want to scream - yet sadly (and embarrassingly) I am Guilty As Charged!! Talk about a case of 'pot calling the kettle black'... *cringes*

So, I am hereby officially quitting Vaguebooking.
I am tempted to quit Facebook altogether too, but I don't think I'm quite emotionally mature enough for that. Yet.

I have had too many people worrying about me after a few cryptic updates I posted recently, some even apparently implying I was feeling suicidal, when all I was expressing was a deep frustration with life on earth...

Sorry about that. Not going to happen. Not again. Not EVER.

If I'm going to offload, wear my heart on my sleeve, be all 'vulnerable' and sometimes a bit gloomy, I'll do it on my blog from now on.

Can't say I never do anything for you people.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Show Me Your Glory

I see the cloud, I step in
I want to see Your glory as Moses did Flashes of light, rolls of thunder

I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid

Show me Your glory, show me Your glory Show me Your glory, show me Your glory

I’m awed by Your beauty, lost in Your eyes
I want to walk in Your presence like Jesus did
Your glory surrounds me and I’m overwhelmed

I long to look on the face of the One that I love
Long to stay; in Your presence is where I belong

Oh how we love You, oh how we love You Oh how we love You, Jesus

(Jesus Culture, Show Me Your Glory)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

All I Need

Left my fear by the side of the road
Hear You speak, won't let go
Fall to my knees, as I lift my hands to pray

Got every reason to be here again Father's love that draws me in
And all my eyes wanna see is a glimpse of You

All I need is You
All I need is You, Lord,
is You, Lord
All I need is You
All I need is You, Lord,
is You, Lord

One more day, and it's not the same
Your Spirit calls my heart to sing
Drawn to the voice of my Savior once again

Where would my soul be without Your Son Gave His life to save the earth
Rest in the thought that You're watching over me

All I need is You
All I need is You
All I need is You
All I need is You

You hold the universe
You hold everyone on earth
You hold the universe
You hold, You hold

©2004 Hillsong Publishing (Admin. in U.S. & Canada by Integrity's Hosanna! Music) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. CCLI song #4455213

Saturday, 15 October 2011

His Relentless Jealous Love

You won't relent
Until You have it all
My heart is Yours

I'll set You as a seal upon my heart
As a seal upon my arm
For there is love that is as strong as death Jealousy demanding as the grave
And many waters cannot quench this love

Come be the fire inside of me
Come be the flame upon my heart
Come be the fire inside of me
Until You and I are one

Friday, 7 October 2011

On A Roll With The Songs

Words could never say the way He says my name
He calls me lovely
No one ever sees the way He looks at me He sees me holy

Words could never hold
this love that burn my soul
Heaven holds me,
Oh heaven holds me

I can't hold my love back from You
I can't hold my love back from You
I've gotta sing - I've gotta sing,
Sing my love (X2)

You would not believe the way He touches me
He burns right through me
And I could not forget every word He said He always knew me

The earth could never hold this love that burns my soul
Heaven holds me
Oh heaven holds me

I can't hold my love back from You
I can't hold my love back from You
I've gotta sing - I've gotta sing
Sing my love (X2)

I can't hold my praise back from You
I can't hold my praise back from You
I've gotta shout - I've gotta shout
Shout my praise (x2)

(Sing My Love - Jesus Culture)

Daddy Cuddles


Father and son, at the end of a long week's work :)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Passion

I’m alive to bring glory to You,
King God of victory,
You are my passion

It’s in the way You are,
You don’t change at all
Great and humble God,
You are my passion

My strength in life is I am Yours
My soul delights because I am Yours Your will on earth is all I’m living for

Jesus, I glorify
Jesus, my love is Yours
You are my heart’s desire
I live to know You more

Light that breaks the darkness,
showing what true love is
Always full of goodness,
You are my passion

You never do me wrong,
the meekest Man, but strong
The most perfect song,
You are my passion

(You Are My Passion - Jesus Culture)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Driving Life

Ah life!
So full of ups and downs...
For all its worth I am enjoying the ride, but really I need to
a) become MUCH less of a back-seat driver
b) learn to read The Map better.

I love God

Just so y'all clear.

...and just so I'm clear too.

There will be NO OTHER.

No-one, nothing can satisfy the deepest cries of our hearts, except for Him.

He knows.