Thursday, 18 August 2011

Playdough or Brownies: a rainy day is for baking

My three boys all got cooking today (in amongst other bits and pieces of fun, involving mainly the computer, the Wii, and the television - all godsends on a rainy day, as well as mates that come round to play, and grandparents who live not too far away (...but not too close either) and take a child out for the day.)

Anyway, so while the youngest one was out and busy baking cute little cheesy biscuits at Grandma's, Tom and I made Blue Lavender Playdough - with which he then played for a looooong time; two birds killed with one stone - perfect!

Then Sam and I decided it was high time we made those brownies we'd been talking about for days - so once his mate Dominic had gone, we got busy melting butter & chocolate, whisking eggs with sugar, and folding in a little flour in there for good measure before pouring the gooey, silky brown liquid into a dish and baking it for a bit.

I must say it's been a Highly Enjoyable Pottering Day, even if I say so myself. And I have to confess that I really don't dislike rainy days *half* as much as I used I've come to realise there is so much one can do *inside*

[insert huge happy grin just about here...]

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