Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Happy Day in History

Hubby is sunburnt - sign of a good, productive day off :)
I ache all over from all my digging and scraping and rock-carrying in the garden, my arms are so scratched from pulling weeds that I reckon people might start to worry about the state of my mental health... (am definitely wearing long sleeves tomorrow)!!
My poorly one is sleeping peacefully thanks to his humidifier - and a successful course of antibiotics, started yesterday. This, tonight, is much contributing to a general sense of well being and satisfaction and purpose
the big boy arrived safely on Hayling Island - strange to know he's away ALL WEEK... still it's so nice and quiet!!!
And the little one - well he's just bumbling along, even in his sleep...he felt highly hard done by for being The Only One To Go To School today. Don't think any permanent damage will have been sustained from this Awfully Unfair Situation, but still, I felt it was only right to make up for it with Jelly Bellys Jelly Beans :)
A happy day in history indeed.

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