Saturday, 11 June 2011

"Square Two" or Imposed Recovery


I feel like I only just recovered from my last stint in hospital, and now I'm almost back at square one again!

Except I'm more at 'square two' really - as I have no general anaesthetic to recover from, no itchy stitches to Not Itch, and a lot less morphine to eliminate than last time. But STILL.

Shoooot! This is PaNtS and sUcKs, and jriwodjnskqoq£;&22&4&;9,@sjeowjfkw....
I was doing so well!

How many more times is this nastiness likely to happen?? Where do I go from here when there are no answers, apart from "You seem to have PCOS" - yeah, thanks, that's helpful an'all, but whatcha going to do to help me with it?!?

Can y'all tell I'm ever so slightly "frustrated"...?

At least I've found YET ANOTHER BLOGGING PLATFORM - so it's not all bad.

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