Sunday, 12 June 2011



I am trying to detox after being on morphine in the hospital for at least one and a half days. If you'll call a lunch of pizza and chocolate eclairs a detox...! Yep - that's what you get when the men get cooking around here.


Having applied this rather ugly black, sea-weed-based mask to the areas of my face that have broken out in little spots, I ventured out of the bathroom, to varying degrees of hilarity/ disgust from the boys in my household.
Sam: "Ugh!! What's THAT on your face!?!!"
Mark: "ugh. You look like a man!"
Ben: "mummy why's your face all black!??!"
Tom: "Cool!! What's THAT!?!? Mummy you look like a dude-man. I LIKE it!"

I'll tell you if it worked.
My 20 minutes is due; off to rinse.

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