Thursday, 30 June 2011

One more day, one day at a time

There are times in anyone's life, when you wonder how much longer you can go on.

How long?
HOW LONG, Lord??

These times, they make you want to run.
You cling onto anything or anyone that will make you feel secure in the storm.

My Jesus, my God, keep my eyes fixed on you! Help me to cling to you, so that your glory, your beauty might be revealed and shine for all to see.
Like a beautiful tropical flower in a grey, dull world. Like a purple-flowering, butterfly-loving shrub that grows amongst stingers and piles of litter, along a well-worn path. Like the most incandescent, exquisitely pink sunset at the end of a dark, windy, rainy day...

Calm always precedes a storm, but also ALWAYS follows a storm.
Breakthrough WILL come.

...But at what cost?.....
I truly wish it didn't matter to me; but I'm so very weak, and worried, and anxious at times that I might break beyond any hope of reparation.

This is my constant, daily battle: I fight my worries, my anxieties, my fears, with the tiny thread of faith and hope and grace that are somehow, in spite of everything, still there - supplied by the giver of Life.

Hand in Hand with my Father, I will get up again tomorrow morning, and fight and stand with my head held high and my eyes fixed on Him, not by my own "inner strength", but ONLY in and by His strength. His grace us sufficient for me for today, and for tomorrow, and for the rest of my days, each and every one of them.

His mercies are new EVERY MORNING.

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