Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I SO love living by the sea-side

It's breathtakingly beautiful here.
'Here' being South Devon, England.
As you clearly know.

Everyone should live here.
...much as I don't think that would be practical for demographic reasons. Man the roads would be a NIGHTMARE!!! on second thoughts, I take that back.
Everyone should not Live here, but everyone should most definitely COME VISIT from time to time.

When it rains, it sucks.

But the beauty needs watering from time to time; and then the sun inevitably comes back, to make it all even more beautiful. And magnificent. And staggering.

So actually, when it rains, I'm cool with that.

We have a spare room - no sorry a Guest Suite - which is almost finished and ready to welcome any of our lovely, special friends who would like to COME VISIT.

Cos did I mention it was AWESOME down here...??!?

You're welcome :)

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