Friday, 17 December 2010


Against all odds, it seems even our little part of Britain has succumbed to snow, in spite of the micro-climate that usually makes Torquay a very mild place to live…

Now I'll happily confess that I'm really not the world's greatest fan of British snow.

But honestly. CAN YOU BLAME ME?!?! I mean, really?!? The littlest hint of a snowflake and you'd forgive anyone for thinking the world had suddenly ended… Why is this country SO VERY ill-equipped to deal with such "extreme weather conditions"…?!?!

A slight snowfall stops life in its tracks; here are a some examples:
  • Schools close. The entire local radio network is taken over by bulletins, updated every 10 minutes, listing which schools are closed and which ones aren't
  • The traffic and all public transport come to a complete standstill. The disruption is hopeless; people are late for school, work and injuries and accidents abound so that emergency services become saturated
  • and due to grit shortages, the entire country has been known to go into a state of emergency… 
This behaviour confounds me. To me, it is highly irritating yet also quite hilarious ridiculous: while at the sight of the white stuff falling from the sky, children (rightly) squeal with excitement  - rushing out (mine in the most inappropriate attire!) to make snow angels, snow men and have snowball fights, …the rest of the British public behave like pathetic, lost, helpless little pups.

Embarrassing, I tell ya.

That said……. It sure is pretty :)

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