Saturday, 17 July 2010


Now that we have moved I am getting to know all sorts of new fun activities to do in the area...

Devon really is a treasure trove of exciting adventures to have and amazing, beautiful places to discover!

This is what we are up to today:

...We live very near a really wonderful wildlife park called Paignton Zoo - you may well have heard of it, it is well-known worldwide!
Now seeing as pretty much all my friends were raving about how great it was, and how I absolutely must get a family annual membership as the value for money was incredible, ...guess what?!

...I got a family annual membership!!

And I am in fact extremely delighted that I did as it is a great place for the kids to let off some steam for a couple of hours. There are lots of different areas for them to play and run around... well as an enormously varied array of colourful, well looked-after exotic animals - meaning the boys will never tire of visiting...

It is mostly perfect for their needs - I would even consider popping there on my own for a while as it is a truly lovely, green and indeed peaceful environment - as long as you remain outdoors!!!

Which leads me onto this.

The only thing I find frustrating here is that they invariably ABSOLUTELY MUST spend at least one hour in the indoor soft play area... And being the person i am, those types of places make me anxious and irritable and make me want to curl up into a tight little ear-plug wearing ball. To me they are unbearably noisy, and stressful places. Loud, excitable children running around like lunatics, loud cannons that you can use to shoot plastic balls at other children, screaming toddlers and fussy babies....aaaargh, it is enough to make me come out in a rash!!!

The frustrating thing is that the kids love it and it is exceedingly good for them, meaning I have no choice but to sit there, patiently waiting for one of them to come and collapse on my lap exhausted and thirsty.
I guess it is one of those sufferings I have to endure for their good. There are many others, and they just help remind me that it's not about me, and that parenting is a painful road of a self-sacrifice.

It could be worse.

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