Monday, 12 July 2010

Spencer Bear

It's nearing the end of Ben's first year at school.
I cannot quite believe it - and what an eventful year it's been...
Well, all sorts of things have been happening these last few weeks, to celebrate summer time, and the end of term.
Cos in Britain we like summer; British summers are what we do best.

Sort of.


This Friday my Benji got to bring Spencer Bear home  for a whole week end - and boy was Ben overjoyed!! He was SO proud, it almost made him an inch taller...!

Thankfully the only mishap was, that 5 minutes into the walk home from school on the Friday afternoon, poor old Spencer Bear lost one of his sandals  :(  
But the rest of the week-end was a great success, and Spencer Bear was made a HUGE fuss of - well, on the Saturday at least. Ben forgot all about Spencer Bear on Sunday morning so Spencer Bear got a lie-in while we all went to church. Alright for some! Humph.

Spencer Bear had a fun day on Saturday though:
he had a great time with the playdough

He climbed trees, fed the ducks and had a go on a roundabout

And at the end of the day he had a bedtime story

No wonder he needed a lie-in on Sunday!!!

Ben has been missing Spencer Bear today...
What am I supposed to do about THAT!?!???

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  1. Too cute! Looks like Spencer Bear had a GREAT time! :o)


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