Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Healing Walk

Yesterday I was in bed recovering from a vile tummy bug; I have never slept so much: all day and then all night... Boy I must've needed it!
Incidentally this tummy bug coincided with our entire central heating system being ripped out and replaced.
So this morning after (reluctantly) getting out of bed and driving the kids to their various schools, I really had no option but to escape. I would've much preferred another day in bed myself, but with a house full of tobacco-smoking, sweet-tea-drinking, gruff-sounding men I needed to get out.
So I headed for the coastal path and took a little 2-mile-long 'stroll'.

In the brisk, pre-winter, sea air.

A healing walk.

...I love those types of walks!

They are privileged times when, away from all 'worldly' distractions, I can really rediscover myself, and meet with God... And remember to focus on the bigger picture. And pray.