Saturday, 19 September 2009

Happy birthday darling one...!!

My beautiful Thomas has turned 7 today. I am so proud of him.
It is a tradition in our house to eat chocolate cake at breakfast on someone's birthday. So I made some cute little cupcakes late last night and there was 1 candle to blow out - in anticipation of the 7 we will have on a bigger cake tomorrow when daddy and grandparents have arrived...
He was sung to and looked pleased as punch...
Then he got down to the business of eating his cake
...with his brothers spurring him on and joining in.
The phone rang and he had a nice little conversation with Mamie and Bonpapa :) proudly announcing he was 'seven' (which he has only just learnt to say clearly)
Cards were opened
...and presents unwrapped...
..all in mummy's bed, because we could!!

Aaah, birthdays... I love them... Because I love celebrating life. Don't you?!!!