Saturday, 19 September 2009

Catch up #3

So I had a birthday. In May. Yeah I know, that was nearly half a year ago!!
On this birthday I unashamedly (and 'officially, I suppose...) reached middle-age.
And Mr Wibbs and I decided a day-trip to the Queen's hometown was in order.
According to our 1890's horse-drawn-carriage driver, the royal standard was up meaning Her Majesty was home. But we just ran out of time and couldn't pay her a visit. Instead we took a ride on the Big Wheel of Windsor...
...where panoramic views were enjoyed by Mr Wibbs, Ben and yours truly...
Ben was awe-struck by the height we reached several times as the wheel went round and round; meanwhile, Mr Wibbs got up to his usual tricks
We had a lovely, lazy, sun- and laughter-filled day and Ben was a delight as ever, making my birthday even more special just being Ben
It was a special special day in which it goes without saying that chocolate cake was eaten
...and an amazing coffee machine bought as my birthday present
We ended the day with a romantic walk at sunset.
I know it was a while ago, but see? I still remember it all; and remembering brings me so much joy, and reminds me of how blessed and loved I really am.