Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Stuff of Summer

Sun-ripening wild blackberries and little red coxes growing randomly on an apple tree just outside our house
...generously waiting to be picked and then made into a delicious apple&blackberry crumble sometime in the next few days.
Children sneaking out for an early-morning bounce in their PJs before dancing barefoot back into the house for breakfast
Refreshing bite-sized chunks of juicy watermelon ready to be feasted on
Playing on the new waterslide purchased yesterday, on the advice of a dear friend who, herself being in possession of identical slide, guarantees hours of hilarity and muddiness if used apropriately
(...yes, that does indeed mean cute little naked bottoms are preferable to nylon-clad ones...)
Decorating gingerbread men (again)
...because they're there...
...and because we can...
While daddy continues to look for our dream-home
...and mummy makes puke-coloured playdough
...that munchkins subsequently play with for hours when the weather has turned to rain - again
Such is the Stuff of Summer in our parts. Pretty much.