Saturday, 8 August 2009

Balloons in the sun and broken toes

Lovely days can sometimes end in tears. Accompanied by much loud swearing.
I went on a date with my man last night... We both made ourselves look nice and I wore pretty flip flops (or 'plip plops' as Ben likes to call them).
We ate at the local curry house, a new little restaurant which actually serves a pretty decent Balti - he and I respectively had a beer and a large glass of red wine (can't abide beer myself) and I was giggly, which is a lovely feeling sometimes...
Walking home I insisted on taking the short-cut which included a tiny unlit 'woody' stretch of path.
And being a little unstable on my legs after ONE GLASS OF WINE, I tripped over a protruding tree root and caught my little toe on it quite badly....
I think I may have broken it?
This morning I am in a lot of pain but I am assured there is nothing to be done but to strap it up and endure, hoping it gets better soon. A good excuse to put my feet up for the week end anyway...!!
(...admittedly it has become a pretty shade of purple which is very much a 'summer' colour...!! And I am a 'summer'. Yes: silver lining and all that)

The few preceding hours saw us celebrating the end of Ben's time as a preschooler at a cute little party which was laid on by his wonderful nursery teachers.
Ben had a ball, once he got in the swing of it...
...and was let loose on all the party food!
They even had a cake and a little present for each child, it was utterly delightful...
Ben cycled home with a balloon attached to his bike, looking a few inches taller and a bit more grown-up
My baby is now ready to launch himself with open arms and funky dance moves, into the big wide world of school education... I am so grateful...
...and so is he, I suspect!!