Sunday, 19 July 2009


I am trying out a feature on my iPhone which enables me to post to my blog from my mobile and while I'm away from my computer, which I seem to be most of the time at the moment!
I have neglected this poor little blog of mine for too long and feel it's time to come back.
It would seem Blogging is in my blood; I have put my Facebook account on hiatus at the moment but am missing not being able to write my thoughts down which is one thing I love about FB (where, as anyone who follows me on there knows, I am 'Update-Queen'!!!).
So hopefully this way, I can blog a little more regularly, organically, and keep at least a couple of 'readers' (well -more 'friends' really...) satisfied, as well as myself out of mischief...

And, in case you were wondering... This still very much on the radar... But more soon.


  1. ooooh fab outfit - I'm assuming the wedding in Prague?

  2. yep. I was in purple. Or plum. Or whatever. It looked good :) Thanks to Liza!!


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