Friday, 31 July 2009

Now What???

I really no longer know what to think anymore. Except that God is asking us to trust in Him.
We are also pretty sure of His 'calling' to Devon.
And having lost 2 buyers for our house then recently secured a third one, we thought we were finally on the home stretch.

Only to find out today that the lovely house we had set our hopes on..., this one: now to be someone else's home after all.
I wanna cry.

I am not surprised at all, because it had recently been put back on the market as per our own instructions to the estate agents. We did this in faith that, if we released it, it would be a sign to God that we were really commited to doing His and only His will. That we were surrendered to whatever His plan was for us. Therefore it should really not phase me or upset me that this has happened. I'm supposed to be 'surrendered' after all; aren't I??

Still the reality of it has come as a bitter blow. And now my commitment to being surrendered is really being put to the test.

So, God.
'...What now??'