Thursday, 23 July 2009

Holiday wings

The summer holidays have begun!!!
The boys are FREEEEE...!
And to mark the occasion, we bought shoes. Summer shoes. For hot weather. For beach days.
Shoes bought in hope and anticipation of less grumpy skies...
(yes that IS a terrible photograph, it was taken in haste with my iPhone before another downpour... During which said iPhone was indeed left outside)
Hmmm. No rain??
That's asking a lot. And then some.


  1. Should have done what I did and bought a waterslide! 4 naked children in the garden at one point all screaming and laughing with joy - what an amazing sound and one that I love. And that black sky - when it rained boy did they come down the slide fast! The boys will have to come over and have some FUN

  2. 4?? U kept that quiet my dear, lol...!
    we'll be round then, just say the word - oh, and so long as there is Banana Cake aplenty. Obviously.
    (can u believe it, we ran out of bananas today!!! This canNOT be happening....!!)


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