Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Good Day

This morning I made cards during a rare two1/2-hour window of blissful solitude...

I know, I probably shoulda been reading the Bible and praying, but my hands needed to create. And so did my brain!! And I feel so blessed, rested and fulfilled from that...
Ah. God knows me well. And He is so patient, graciously waiting His 'turn' when I should be putting Him first.

Somehow, making cards recharges my batteries.
...somebody please explain this to me??

Anyway. With Ben at nursery for the day, and my two eldest at Bible Club for the morning, I chose not to rush around and clean or do my grocery shopping, or cook; I also decided not to sleep; unusual for me...

And I think I made the right choice: somehow, I sense God's approval.

So it's been a Good Day.
Following my 'me-time', I picked Sam and Tom up from HBC, we went to McDonalds, and then we bought shoes ready for the new school term.
Then Sam had an hour of trampolining which afforded me some precious one-to-one with Tom.
We picked Ben up, I cooked meatballs and then we all had baths; and I disappeared off to my pilates class while the babysitter put my boys to bed.

Yes. It was a Good Day