Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Elusiveness of Patience

Somehow, today, She is nowhere to be found.
I'm sure there are reasons - including those that women frequently (...indeed monthly...) use as handy excuses - to explain why today She eludes me.
Today, the word 'Mummyyyyyyyeeeee' is not falling onto particularly gracious ears.
There is not one single demand today which seems a reasonable one.
And so we are here:
To allow them to let off some steam without me strangling them. And to get at least a little perspective; things always appear worse within the confines of one's own 4 walls.
Then back home to finish the day off with pancakes and a 5 minute dip in the paddling pool. Surely then, Patience will be so kind as to make her presence known, albeit very tentatively?
"There for the grace of God I go..."