Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Catch up

We had a bit of rain...
And some very hot weather:
Have a guess which we had more of. And have a guess which was enjoyed more.
Doesn't make sense does it?!?!
Moving on...
Michael Jackson died...
and this...
...was Tom's tribute to him, strumming enthusiastically to 'Beat It' on Daddys old tennis racket.
Sam decided at some point recently, that Mummy's clothe fit him rather well, to her utter dismay and disbelief:
Oh well, it was the wrong 'colour' for me anyway! However now it's his, he doesn't actually wear it. Ben, meanwhile, posed. Again

And again
And again

More later!
Believe me there are plenty of pictures from the last few weeks to keep the blogosphere entertained for another while to come.

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  1. look at those cute little men! glad you're back to blogging friend!


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