Thursday, 4 June 2009

God's Work of Art

I follow several 'crafty' blogs as well as the other, non-crafty ones. I am addicted to creating beautiful cards and love to check out what others are doing, for inspiration, and if I'm honest, to also give me a bit of an ego-boost sometimes! ( I find that actually much of what I 'do' is at least of an equal standard to much of what I see online, if not sometimes - dare I say it - better...!!)

Anyway, I visited one of my bookmarked blogs just tonight (I will keep it nameless for now...) and saw a card on there, which had the following sentiment as the focal point:

"Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about CREATING yourself"...

The card itself is absolutely stunning, but I had to post something, anything - my reaction to the sentiment on it.
Because I instantly cringed when I saw it.
Because I so completely disagree with it, which has quite taken me by surprise...!

Because I believe GOD has created me, and that one of my purposes in life, my job, is precisely to discover myself - to find out who He has created me to be. Who the 'real' Rachel is. Who He meant me to be - and become...
It's not up to me to create myself, because I am 'God's craftsmanship' - His work of art.
I am not my own...

Have I got this completely wrong??

I don't know if I'm being totally over-the-top here, but it was such an immediate, and strong, gut reaction, and I know for sure I would never, ever, be able to use such a sentiment on one of my cards! I usually quite like most of the sentiments one can use on cards, although some of them are pretty 'naff' and a bit too sickly-sweet for my liking. But this, to me, is actually very 'humanistic', and in being so, to me is also deeply arrogant and self-sufficient. I need God too much, and am eternally grateful that it's His job to create me, and mine to discover what He has done and is still doing.

What do you think?.....