Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Painful goodbyes ahead

With the Devon Move looming closer every day, I am struggling with what is slowly becoming more and more a reality. That there are people I love who I will need hug goodbye 'just one last time'.

How do you do that???

I know that, however much you are assured of continued, ongoing friendship 'even from a distance', things will never, can never be the same again.

And my heart is breaking. Slowly. Just a little bit.
I guess part of it is the fear of the many changes ahead.
And my weakness of faith. My lack of faith, even.

Faith that He gives and takes away; but that, surely, He also takes away and then gives back, one hundred, one thousand times over...??


  1. I still remember leaving the town I grew up in - all the tears and hugging and all of the good-byes. I was 12 and it was emotionally draining even then. But I will tell you that those really great friends continue to be a sweet blessing. Sure you may fall away from acquaintances and "occasional" (for lack of a better term) friendships... but those really strong close ties will never be broken. They will transform and enter into a very unique and special relationship. One that will allow you to pick up from where you left off easily and will give you a true appreciation for the people God has given you to share your life with. Some of my most special people are the ones my family kept in contact with over the years and over the miles. They are priceless. You are entering into a new season and God will take care of you (and your friends too)... hugs to you!

  2. It's difficult, no doubt. Jessie had great insight, so I'll not add. Prayers for your family in this transition, my friend.

  3. We'll all miss you too Rach. It will be a sad day.

  4. Jessie - I know, you are SO right... And that has already been my experience with really special people who have themselves moved away, and who we have remained v close to, even despite the distance. Thanks for reminding me of this, in fact God has really spoken through this!
    RK, yes, prayers please... :o)
    Sharon - (...why 'anonymous'??!?)
    I am not looking forward to that day, and you will know why, more than most people... Aaaah, I'll live; just.


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