Sunday, 1 February 2009

A new start - Prologue

Operation-Devon phase#1 is under way...!!

We have had so much confirmation since we first started planning our move to the West-Country back in late August ( - or should I say, since God started revealing His plans to move us down to the West-Country); and so we are without a doubt that it is 100% right. This firm belief is anchored in our minds and with it comes reassurance, comfort and encouragement; peace beyond understanding, and excitement - as well as a few jitters too, but this goes without saying...: where's the fun in life if the excitement of a new adventure isn't slightly tinged with anticipation and trepidation??!?

And so Mark left this afternoon, his Range-Rover packed to the brim with 'stuff', and some 'bits-and-pieces', as well as quite a lot of 'things' (...ahem...) - to start his new job at Pennywell Farm tomorrow morning. There was some sadness, of course. A few tears, and quite a lot of unsettled behaviour prior to his leaving. But again that overwhelming sense of peace, and of being carried by God; of His plans for our family coming to fruition little by little, step-by-step.

Am I looking forward to being a temporary single mum? Hmmmm... Once the novelty of it has worn off, I think I will find it draining and exhausting, having to deal with the daily grind of breakfast, fights, soiled nappies, baths by candlelight, stories, unwanted dinners and night-time terrors alone.

We are not even certain right now when we will be reunited as a family - it could be a little while, because moving house is never 100% straightforward or predictable - especially in the current economic climate. We are looking at Easter at the earliest, but more realistically I anticipate it'll be later in the spring (or maybe even early summer?)

We do not know but God knows. And that is enough. We trust Him. He will see us through the interim: this transition time between here and there, the separation, the 'now and the not yet'... And that's OK with me; why wouldn't it be?!? He is good. His plans are good. He is faithful and He has promised good plans. So yes. We trust Him.


  1. Wishing you God's grace and peace through this time of excitement and change. May things go smoothly so that you can be together again as soon as possible! :o) I love new beginnings and the sense of contentment that goes along with doing what God wants of us. Praying you'll stay strong through this stage of temporary single mothering! :o)

  2. Good grief! We have passed Pennywell farm far more often than I care to admit here!

    Devon Life indeed,,,,you make me quite homesick for a nano second or so, but then I remember that when I chatted to my mum this morning she said that snow was on the way.......good luck dearie.

  3. That's the hardest part for me... knowing something is the right thing to do, but not being able to see how it will pan out. I like steps, I like a plan... and I think that's why God doesn't give them to me... he keeps trying to teach me trust. And I'm a slow learner sometimes!!


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