Friday, 13 February 2009

back seat blogging

i am longing to be able to sit down and write here...
but frustratingly i am struggling to find the time or the energy;
just as card-making, playing the piano, and getting my '8-a-night', blogging is having to take a bit of a back seat right now, as other things have temporarily made their way to the top of my list of priorities...
Much is happening that is worthy of being 'blogged', i can assure you!
and it is not that i am not doing things i enjoy
but quite a few of my favourite things to do will just have to wait for now
because my priorities - when i have time to spare - [...ha, like that ever happens...!!] are to exercise, eat, sleep (a 'healthy' minimum of 5-6 hours/night), read, and be in the company of other grown-ups... those are the activities i am 'indulging' in, when i am not in the company of small children... - my children,...

...wiping bottoms, faces and sticky fingers, bathing, cleaning yoghurt splodges off table-tops, making playdough, cooking fish-fingers and chicken-nuggets and squirting tomato ketchup on top
...driving to school, fetching from school, doing homework, breaking up fights,
...reading stories, talking ad-infinitum about things which, on the whole, have no obvious relevance whatsoever to every day life,
...cuddling, kissing, reassuring, praising, comforting, rebuking, apologising...

...need i go on???

i will continue to blog periodically but erratically,
whenever i have something important to 'announce' or report
or have pictures that tell a story
or feel like doing a copy-and-paste job with my status updates on Facebook, for sheer entertainment value (for myself if no-one else!!!)

and that'll have to do...

oh, and by the way: we have finally found 'The' One... And very much hoping our offer will be accepted... It is beautiful and I will post pictures soon.


  1. Being a 'single mother' while Mr Wibbz is away is tough - you never realise how much they do, until they aren't there! Stay strong, its all part of Gods grand plan! Will catch up at the gym?


  2. Dear friend! :o) I have been wondering how you were doing as a temp. single mom... it must be crazy at times... I single parented for a time (2-3 months) a couple years ago when hubby was working out of town so I know how it goes... lots of fast food type dinners, right? :o) I hope all is going well, and that your spirits are keeping up. So glad you found "the one" and hope it all works out... I'll be looking forward to seeing some pictures! :o)

  3. But what did 'The Oracle' say about 'The One'?

    Remember (especially when it comes to washing up)...there is no spoon.

  4. Found your blog on facebook. I know what you mean about not having time. It's hard to keep a healthy balance with everything!

  5. You're busy living life, not so much blogging about it! I get it! :) Happiness and peace to you, my friend.


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