Friday, 27 February 2009

New Band and Album Cover Game - pointless but brilliant...

I saw this on Facebook (yes, Facebook, again...: the source of much inspiration at the moment...!) and simply couldn't not post it on here.
One wonders, sometimes, how they come up with album cover ideas; but one need wonder no more. For all we know, this is all there is to it... Maybe I should set myself up as a freelance album cover designer??!? ...You never know, could do pretty well... Big bucks here I come!!

Oh...and the rules

1 - Go to Wikipedia. Hit 'random article'
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to The Quotations Page and click on 'Random Quotes'
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on 'explore the last seven days'
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5 - Post the result with this text as the rules and tag whoever (or should this be whomever...??!?) you would like to join in.

Fun, huh...?
Please consider yourself tagged if you would like to take part, just let me know in the comments if you did so I can have a look!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

My Life in a Nutshell - February

Here is a little collection of some of my random thoughts and feelings on what's been going on 'Chez Wibbz' over the last few weeks, as logged on Facebook - one of several lifelines in this crazy whirlwind that is parenting at the moment...

*Rachel would prefer it to be really cold and frosty again. (08:33 am) - the weather had reverted back to the more traditional British 'grey and damp' after some beautiful crispy days...
*Rachel loves, LOVES listening to her little boy play with Lego. (12:08 am) - that was Ben
*Rachel had lunch out with mr wibbz - life is good. (17:09 pm)
*Rachel ate too much camembert - stomach is complaining. (22:28 pm) - brought back from my visit to France for Dad's 60th... it was meant to be for Mr Wibbz, but I ended up eating most of it. Poor him. Oooops.
*Rachel is offended by her unreliable washing up gloves. (16:49 pm)
*Rachel finds it hard to believe that someone living at the foot of the Himalayas reads her blog...!! Oh the wonders of the internet! (22:33 pm)
*Rachel would love to know how to help Sam get to sleep at night..... (21:41 pm) - this struggle to get to sleep at night is one thing typical of many children with ASD/ Asperger's Syndrome. Thankfully this seems to have got better recently, thanks mainly to lots of calm, low-key time spent reading, chatting and praying
*Rachel is counting down to when Mr Wibbz has to leave - he'll be gone in less than 24hours... Sigh... (17:13 pm)
*Rachel has waved mr wibbz goodbye... *huge weepy sigh*. (16:39 pm)
*Rachel has woken up to thick snow - as has the majority of the UK it seems! Prob no school then, darn it. (06:58 am) - this was to be the first of many days of 'arctic 'weather-conditions, the likes of which hadn't been seen in this country for nearly 20 years! And this country, being so utterly useless at coping with anything other than rain... came to a complete standstill... And I spent much of that first week of being a single parent, feeling angry, frustrated, suffocated and a useless mother
*Rachel wants to take the kids out in the snow without them freezing to death... But they have no gloves no snowboots and won't wear hats or scarves! Hmmmmmm. (09:29 am)
*Rachel feels grateful for so much support - it's been a tough day and schools had better be open tomorrow... (21:09 pm)
*Rachel loves Sam desperately but is enjoying the small break from him today.(11:4 pm)
*Rachel has cabin fever and needs fresh air - freezing cold air will also do though.. (07:30 am)
*Rachel just had an amazing chat with Sam all about Jesus and China; that kid is safe!!! Praise God. (20:09 pm)
*Rachel is not particularly hopeful: five inches surely means no school... sigh... (06:25am)
*Rachel is utterly drained and might just have to dig a hole in all that snow and crawl into it until spring. (16:39 pm)
*Rachel is hoping Mark will be able to make it home this week end. (13:23 pm)
*Rachel is wondering if anyone would be willing to be Tom's one-to-one at church tomorrow?? (16:23 pm) - for those who don't know...: Tom has Down Syndrome, and people running the kids' work at our church have organised a vague rota of 'one-to-ones' for him while he is in his group so that he can keep up, and also, more important, so that he does not run away!!
*Rachel had forgotten how nice it is to have light in one's bathroom.. (22:14 pm)
*Rachel thinks she blimmin' well deserves that Starbucks hot choc with whipped cream on top. (11:11 am)
*Rachel got on the scales for the first time in months... and got the shock of her life!!! WW here we come... I knew it, damn it. (23:12 pm) - my home-scales told me I weighed...75KG...which is 15KG over what I have ever weighed... why I was not more suspicious, I'll never know...
*Rachel will be throwing her scales away and sticking to the reliable ones at the leisure centre!!! (10:49 am) - needless to say those are state-of-the-art scales which confirmed that it had been pointless to get myself in such a state, as I weighed a much more acceptable 61KG... I was euphoric for the rest of the day!!!
*Rachel is eating bluberries but doesn't like the squishy ones. (21:29 pm)
*Rachel is in living in a chaos-induced haze. (08:31 am)
*Rachel isn't coping very well right now... (17:00 pm) - just a blip, really... I felt totally out of control!
*Rachel wonders why people apologize when they sneeze?! Sneezing isn't rude is it? Sneezing is wonderful!! Do not apologize for sneezing people.. (09:48 am) - I was on the train down to Devon to view a house (THE house?? - more on that later!) and had this random thought just after someone sneezed quite discreetly a few rows down from where I was sat, and then apologised most loudly! I thought it was hilarious, if a little puzzling... We Brits are way too polite
*Rachel is enjoying hearing Gods voice today - it's been a long time.. (11:49 am) - wow, God spoke that day!! He was sooooo close...
*Rachel is unashamedly feasting on Super Noodles. (20:32 pm)
*Rachel is shedding little blobs of pink fluff all over her bedroom floor.. (22:37 pm) - new, very verrrry fluffy bed-socks...Probably rubbish quality...
*Rachel is wondering what to do all day with 3 lively munchkins. (09:11 am) - it turned out to be a very nice, low-key, pottering kind of day, my favourite type really...
*Rachel has just eaten the most mind-blowingly amazing steak ever...!!! (20:15 pm) - I cooked myself an incredibly delicious meal for Valentine's day and ate it on a tray, sat next to Sam who wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda with me... Romantic, no??!
*Rachel feels a little lonely and isolated today... Somehow doesn't seem right after church.. (14:14 pm)
*Rachel is content. (16:40 pm) - end of the first day of the February half-term holiday; it was another one of those good, low-key, pottering kinda days :o)
*Rachel is tickled pink that Sam likes Girls Aloud... (16:10 pm) - 'cos I do, to...!!!
*Rachel could do with spending the rest of the week sleeping.. (12:29 pm)
*Rachel is cooking chicken nuggets. Again. (16:32 pm)
*Rachel has a special visitor home tonight... Happy contended sigh.. (22:47 pm)
*Rachel is keeping herself upright by holding onto walls in her house and hopes it's just a tiredness-related blip. (16:15 pm) - I spent a lot of the day feeling extremely dizzy with vertigo, having to lie-down, and being grateful for Mr Wibbz being home for the week end! It's a lot better now, thank goodness...
*Rachel just realized she left a piece of meat cooking in the slow cooker for about 24 hours!!! Doh... (07:32 am) - It was deeeelicious!! I might do that again :o)
*Rachel would very much like that pair of lime green Hunters. (21:24 pm)

Friday, 13 February 2009

back seat blogging

i am longing to be able to sit down and write here...
but frustratingly i am struggling to find the time or the energy;
just as card-making, playing the piano, and getting my '8-a-night', blogging is having to take a bit of a back seat right now, as other things have temporarily made their way to the top of my list of priorities...
Much is happening that is worthy of being 'blogged', i can assure you!
and it is not that i am not doing things i enjoy
but quite a few of my favourite things to do will just have to wait for now
because my priorities - when i have time to spare - [...ha, like that ever happens...!!] are to exercise, eat, sleep (a 'healthy' minimum of 5-6 hours/night), read, and be in the company of other grown-ups... those are the activities i am 'indulging' in, when i am not in the company of small children... - my children,...

...wiping bottoms, faces and sticky fingers, bathing, cleaning yoghurt splodges off table-tops, making playdough, cooking fish-fingers and chicken-nuggets and squirting tomato ketchup on top
...driving to school, fetching from school, doing homework, breaking up fights,
...reading stories, talking ad-infinitum about things which, on the whole, have no obvious relevance whatsoever to every day life,
...cuddling, kissing, reassuring, praising, comforting, rebuking, apologising...

...need i go on???

i will continue to blog periodically but erratically,
whenever i have something important to 'announce' or report
or have pictures that tell a story
or feel like doing a copy-and-paste job with my status updates on Facebook, for sheer entertainment value (for myself if no-one else!!!)

and that'll have to do...

oh, and by the way: we have finally found 'The' One... And very much hoping our offer will be accepted... It is beautiful and I will post pictures soon.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

A new start - Prologue

Operation-Devon phase#1 is under way...!!

We have had so much confirmation since we first started planning our move to the West-Country back in late August ( - or should I say, since God started revealing His plans to move us down to the West-Country); and so we are without a doubt that it is 100% right. This firm belief is anchored in our minds and with it comes reassurance, comfort and encouragement; peace beyond understanding, and excitement - as well as a few jitters too, but this goes without saying...: where's the fun in life if the excitement of a new adventure isn't slightly tinged with anticipation and trepidation??!?

And so Mark left this afternoon, his Range-Rover packed to the brim with 'stuff', and some 'bits-and-pieces', as well as quite a lot of 'things' (...ahem...) - to start his new job at Pennywell Farm tomorrow morning. There was some sadness, of course. A few tears, and quite a lot of unsettled behaviour prior to his leaving. But again that overwhelming sense of peace, and of being carried by God; of His plans for our family coming to fruition little by little, step-by-step.

Am I looking forward to being a temporary single mum? Hmmmm... Once the novelty of it has worn off, I think I will find it draining and exhausting, having to deal with the daily grind of breakfast, fights, soiled nappies, baths by candlelight, stories, unwanted dinners and night-time terrors alone.

We are not even certain right now when we will be reunited as a family - it could be a little while, because moving house is never 100% straightforward or predictable - especially in the current economic climate. We are looking at Easter at the earliest, but more realistically I anticipate it'll be later in the spring (or maybe even early summer?)

We do not know but God knows. And that is enough. We trust Him. He will see us through the interim: this transition time between here and there, the separation, the 'now and the not yet'... And that's OK with me; why wouldn't it be?!? He is good. His plans are good. He is faithful and He has promised good plans. So yes. We trust Him.