Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Savouring Winter Walks Alone


  1. That's winter? Where's the snow? (Great photos, by the way)

  2. Very cool pictures... I walked vicariously through you. :o)

  3. I am so totally jealous of that walking path....beautiful pictures!

  4. Jenene - think it was too cold for snow!!
    RK - I enjoyed taking them; it would've been nice to have walked with you for real? :) Maybe one day, in heaven for sure if not before!!
    Jessie - it is my most favourite walk, especially when it is sunny. There's something about it. And I feel safe walking there alone. It's wonderful, I am very blessed... there is something about the British countryside that is so incredbly comforting, and its essence is in that walk, for me.

  5. I am craving this so much! I miss my winter walks... there's just so much snow and cold here! Looks like a beautiful place... and I love those cute boots!


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