Thursday, 8 January 2009

Remembering Claire (15.07.76 - 09.01.01)

My baby sister...
A very cute, bubbly little butter-ball, with a head full of goldilocks (they didn't stay blonde, incidentally, as you can see in subsequent pictures) - and a very headstrong child; this was a distinctive feature throughout her life, as she oozed character, assertiveness, and confidence...

She was an absolute hoot, and in true French fashion, loved her food and wine...! (photo taken one very hot week end in June '97, in Strasbourg. We had a blast together that week end, as we cycled round this beautiful university city, where she was studying theology at the time.)

...Taken late December '00...
The baby is Sam - nearly 3 months old.She was crazy about him! And would have made an amazing godmother for him. We were about to ask her - and then she left us!

I miss her every day.
It'll be 8 years tomorrow - and the pain of her loss is still overwhelming at times. Why God took her, only He fully knows...
But it is enough to know that it was part of His plan. Even though it hurts unbearably.
His ways are not our ways.
Thank you Lord for 24 years of Claire, it was blessed beyond words to have her in my life


  1. This is heart wrenching... she was so young... I'm so sorry...

  2. I am back to share something with you - it's just my perspective so take it or leave it but I thought it might help...

    I don't think God ever takes anyone away - I like to think instead that He embraces them and welcomes them home with loving arms - with hands to wipe away the hurt and to dust off the effects of the hard knocks of a fallen world. God didn't plan for death to enter the picture - His plan was for all to commune with Him forever on this planet He created. We screwed things up and Satan is having his day in the sun by attacking those that are closest to God's heart. God is watching, waiting and longing for all to come home so that he can embrace them and give them that life He had planned for them in the first place.

    Hope that helps - wish you could hug someone through a keyboard!

  3. Jessie... Thank you, that was really helpful, and you are so right! It is not God's plan that anyone should die. Rather, it is His plan to counteract the effects of our sin with love, acceptance, grace and life. And to mend what's broken, to build up what has fallen down, to embrace the broken-hearted.
    And just so you know, your words are as valuable and comforting as any hug!
    Katrina... Thank you. Don't be sorry, she's in a good place, ...and so am I... The remembering is tough, but mostly it's really ok... :)

  4. Ma chère Rachel
    je viens de lire ton blog et suis très très émue des lignes écrites sur ta soeur Claire et sur ces belles photos. son souvenir est aussi très présent pour nous, c'est une cousine que nos enfants ne connaitront pas mais dont nous parlons. j'y pense souvent particulièrement en janvier. je t'embrasse très fort, clarisse


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