Saturday, 10 January 2009

Full of Earth, Stained with Dirt - but 'Wholly Yours'

I listened to this breathtaking song again today, after not having heard it for a few months... and the beauty, power and truth of the lyrics really hit me, echoing everything that my heart has been feeling over the last week; so wisely putting into words this tension, this gap between the now and the not yet, the holy and the unholy, and the grace that bridges both: Jesus, becoming dirt, sin, human, and dying to clean my stains, and wash my sin away.

"I am full of earth. You are heaven's worth. I am stained with dirt, prone to depravity. You are everything that is bright and clean, the antonym of me. You are divinity. But a certain sign of grace is this: from the broken earth flowers come up pushing through the dirt. (...) I want to be holy like You are. (...) The truest sign of grace is this: from wounded hands redemption fell down, liberating men. (...) And so this might could be the most impossible thing: your grandness in me, making me clean.(...) I am wholly yours..."


  1. So beautiful, powerful and true... thanks for posting that, I had never heard it before!

    You've received an award at my blog... come see! :o)

  2. wow... Katrina, thank you!! I am humbled, and undeserving, as I have already said. Thank you thank you thank you........ :oD
    Will put it up tomorrow.


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