Friday, 12 December 2008

just a quick little note to say I have started a new blog...
i felt the Lord ask me to do this, as recently i have been struggling to have a devotional time every day
i hope to simply copy the verse(s) which 'jump out' at me as i read
and then maybe (maybe not) write a few thoughts on why that particular verse speaks to me, what i feel God may be saying through it
through this exercise, i hope to be forced to really ponder what i'm reading, not just skim over a passage and consider my quiet time done and dusted for another day!
already i have been meditating on Scripture more readily, more naturally, more excitedly
and feel enriched and invigorated by God's Word
i do not plan to be legalistic about this, and so may not necessarily post something every day, although that is certainly my aim...
for i am under grace, not under law.
please come and take a look, and contribute your thoughts as you feel led.

blessings to each and every one of you
thank you to those of you who read my blog, i am more grateful for your friendship and your love than you will ever know


  1. That's a great idea. Whether or not other people read it, the practice will benefit you greatly. Once again, a great example...

  2. yes, indeed - the moment it starts becoming about whether people read it or not, is the moment i'll have to stop, or take a break from it...!

  3. What a pretty and peaceful looking blog. I hope this works well for you, we can just never have too much of His Word and His grace, right? Thanks for sharing this with us. (warm smile)

    And I just wanted to say, "you've become such a sweet blog friend to me and I so enjoy reading all your thoughtful comments and coming by to visit your virtual home as well" ((hugs)) Thank you again.

  4. It won't let me comment at the blog but just wanted to say I have been reading the same chapters recently. good stuff eh.


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