Thursday, 6 November 2008

Out of the boat

That's it!
We've stepped out of the boat. (see Matthew 14:22-29)

This house, our lovely home, is 'on the market'... (the link won't be available for very long, so feel free to take a peek while you can; I think it's a pretty 'saleable' house, don't you??)

I should be feeling excited - right?
Well I'm really not:

...and grieving a little bit.
*ok, more than a little bit*

I simply can't believe it's happening; it feels very strange and surreal.
I also don't think I have the strength I know I'm going to need to get through this next bit.
To pack everything up.
To uproot everyone.
To say goodbye.
To look for houses, schools, doctors
A church, a gym,
New places to go with the kids when they get restless,
New friends,
... A new life...

I am so churned up right now!

Does this make sense to anyone out there????


  1. Yes, I understand completely. I recently moved to a new country! And I know that God is here, because He's proved it. I know that God is with you as well. He's prepared everything in advance.

  2. Yes makes complete sense. I haven't moved for a very long time but that doesn't mean I can't understand how you feel. It is a very big change but GOd is in it. He will be guiding you each step to find the new place that's right for you. It will be sad with lots of emotion, and new things are scary but you can do it with Him.

  3. What a lovely house, and it's filled with lots of memories so of course it is a very hard time...your memories will always be with you and soon all of those awkward transitions will be behind you. I'm sure it feels overwhelming - take it one step at time.

  4. I get it. Though I haven't left the home I raised my children in, and that must be different, no doubt. But the overwhelming aspect of's so hard. But when you step out of the boat, he'll honor your faith and he'll direct your steps, even if your feet get a little wet. :o)

  5. Yeah, stepping out the boat is brilliant/horrible, exciting/nervous, faith inspiring/full of doubts...

    The good thing is that our God is faithful...

  6. Wow Rach, house is looking good. If only I could get mine looking so tidy!
    You might be moving, uprooting from your current home, but there is a new home waiting to be made, a new and exciting future.

  7. Oh Rachel! It's been a while since I've stopped by and such changes are afloat for you! Blessings and prayers for a smooth move. Yes, your house is lovely and I pray it sells very quickly. Hope all is well...


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