Sunday, 2 November 2008

New Beginnings

Well, I failed miserably to complete my 31 for 21 challenge!
Although to be honest, it was never gonna work - I mean, what was the likelihood of me being able to sit down and blog for up to an hour (or 2) each day when I was also busy toilet-training the very child I was blogging about...??!?
Needless to say we're a looooong way off from succeeding, and have yet to get him to poo anywhere else than his pants. So I've also been busy doing a LOT of laundry, which I guess is a by-product of toilet-training. Oh my.

There is also something major (well - apart from potty-training obviously...) going on in our lives right now: we're moving!

Mark has been offered a very interesting job in Devon, and so we are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market, which is no mean feat - especially in the current economic climate... In less than 6 months' time, we'll be beginning a completely new life down there!

We have NO DOUBT that this move is of God; the way He has orchestrated it all is extraordinary, and we have faith that He is the one leading the way. But it is nonetheless a pretty big thing for us - and it completely caught us unawares, because moving away from where we are now was never something we were seeking or anticipating.

God is good, but He never allows His children to stay comfortable for very long.
So I guess, I will be blogging from this new perspective from now on.
I am scared of what lies ahead, I am sad to be leaving many loved ones behind, but I am 100% certain that this is His plan for us.


  1. Well they do say that moving is the second[?] most stressful life event. That and the pooping would be more than enough to send me over the edge.
    Best wishes

  2. Maddy...!! So nice to hear from you :o) Funny that, I was thinking of you not very long ago, because you are probably one of the only persons I know with such an amazing insight into autism - which we now know is affecting two of our boys - ('over the edge' is putting it mildly!!)
    Anyway, thanks for your best wishes, we most certainly will need them!

  3. ugh...don't remind me of potty-training we are on the threshold of that chore here in our house as well. You know the last boy I potty trained I just let run around naked until he figured it out...luckily we have very washable floor surfaces.

    And moving on top of that - what a journey you have ahead...I'll be praying.

  4. Thanks Jessie... We'll need the prayers! But hopefully by the time we do move, he'll have got the gist of it. And as for letting him run around naked: a) too cold, and b) at least if he's wearing pants there'll be fewer puddles, it's easier to clean clothes than carpets!!!

  5. Hi Mrs W, please don't say you've failed!! You may not have blogged every day but it's admirable that you did at all and your posts have been fascinating and moving and very worthwhile. As for moving, lucky you!!!! I love Devon and it's only 2 hours away down the M5 from us! Will pray for u with all the upheaval though :-)

  6. remember, give me a buzz if you need some help paking or sorting or tidying, and i'm there!
    love ya :)


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