Friday, 28 November 2008

Hamster Dance

Here's another priceless one...
The Hamster Dance is Sam's current favourite 'tune', along with Crazy Frog. Yep, precisely the kind of music that will drive any grown-up insane. Still, he loves it, and his dancing is hilarious - so it's well worth the watch!

Just one word of warning though: some of you reading this blog might not particularly like the 'noise' Sam is dancing to, and the beat of this tune is particularly fast, crazy, aaaand annoying - so please mute your players before pressing the 'play' button... if you see what I mean!!


  1. My Avery LOVES the hamster dance too! :o) He received a musical card for his birthday a few weeks ago with that tune in it and was mesmerized for quite some time.

  2. LOL! Seriously hilarious! My boys do exactly and I mean EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS! It was so funny I had to call my boys over to watch it a second time. Thanks for the laugh, Sam, and little brother!

  3. thank you friends! i'm afraid to say he is quite often like that, even when the hamster dance is NOT playing in the background...
    but i do agree, it is hilarious, and i was in stiches filming him. Katrina, i'm so glad it's not just my boys that do those things!!


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