Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Thomas Arrives (Early Days #2)

Get It Down; 31 for 21

So I carried Tom to full term + 2 (weeks...) after a fairly ordinary pregnancy. The only tiny hint that anything might be 'different' was that we got called back in for a 35-week scan, to check on the size of one of his kidneys, which was dilated at 20 weeks. At this second scan they said it was all fine, and as a bonus I got to see my Tom close up too! The one thing they said was that 'he' was quite likely to be a boy (we had wanted to find out but he hadn't performed at the earlier scan!!), because most babies who have a dilated kidney tend to be boys - for some reason... From then on, 'petit pois' was known in my heart as Thomas.

I got to 42 weeks, and at this point they decided it would be wise to induce me before I burst open!

It was hideous, and I had virtually no pain relief. Of my three deliveries, Tom's was the most painful, the quickest and most dramatic. Once my body got going, Thomas was born within a few hours. The midwife looking after me didn't even manage to get me up to a proper delivery room, and she was hardly even in the room when I pushed him out! I think she was quite panicked, as I was screaming for pain relief, and they were very short staffed... I might well have pushed her over the edge, and for all I know, she may have subsequently quit, deciding midwifery wasn't 'for her'. I would have agreed with her.

Tom was out, and scored pretty well on the Apgar scale - once he had been resuscitated... He came out blue, and I remember Mark having to scream down the corridor for a resuscitaire to be wheeled in as swiftly as possible, and please would someone come and help! They eventually cleaned him out, and handed him to me, a little pixie of a baby with gingery hair and a cute little button nose. After taking one look at him, I know my first thought was that he wasn't nearly as handsome as Samuel had been at birth, and to be frank, I was more than a little disappointed...

However by the time he was all snuggled up and feeding on me, I was in love! This little boy, who had promptly emptied his bladder on me as soon as he'd come out, was my own; he looked possibly a bit 'odd', but he was my son.


  1. I love the line "...midwifery wasn't for her...and I would have agreed" ha!

    I have experience inducement with no drugs - and I hope to never, ever experience it again!

    And 2 weeks over due - I have only done 5 days and yes I felt as though I was about to burst.

    Can't wait to read more!

  2. I can't imagine all that chaos around his birth! And two weeks past?!? I'd be camping on the doorstep way before then. (But I'm impatient and controlling!)

    Looking forward to the rest of the story.


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