Monday, 6 October 2008

Dancing to Coldplay

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Most of you should recognise this song as Coldplay's "Viva la Vida". Thomas calls it "dom" (something to do with 'drums'??) and whenever it comes on, it sends him into a wild, delighted frenzy. Here he is fairly restrained. As you can see, he has choreographed his own little dance for it, and I think the intensity of his concentration to get each move to fit with the rythm and the mood of the song is well worth an Oscar - or whatever the equivalent is in dance and drama...! There is a mini-moment of mild panic around the 1 min 40 mark, when he starts dancing enthusiastically on the sofa, but to his credit, his balance doesn't fail him once (so do please ignore my anguished noises). I would also like to point out his nearly perfect 'squat', shortly after he has leapt off the sofa: if my squats were that good, I'd have legs of steel...


  1. Great song...

    Great post...

    Great line...'if my squats were that good, I'd have legs of steel...'

  2. How appropriate that he loves that song, considering the title.

    And I'm sorry that my yard work is so disappointing to you. :) They were really growing out of control, and I'm glad I trimmed them back. And I didn't trim every stem, so there will be blooms next year, just not as many.

  3. He's feeling it man! What a fun vid! Just visiting for 31 for 21.

  4. Sue would be proud of those squats!


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