Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Trying to Avoid Burn-Out...

...but not doing all that well!

Here's possibly why:

Last week Sam was in hospital for 4 nights with suspected pneumonia , and I got very little sleep, as he was very distressed, and worried. He's home, and back at school since yesterday - but for me, I feel like I'm going to need a little longer to recover. Isn't that strange?!

Last week, we also had a very important assessment of Ben's development. He has been seeing a speech therapist for some months now, and she was becoming quite concerned about some of his behaviour; so Ben was referred to a specialist team for assessment. The appointment was last Tuesday, the day after Sam's first (sleepless) night in hospital. I really had no option but to go for the appointment, as we had been waiting for at least 6 months! After an hour 1/2 of playing with him, observing him, testing his cognitive skills, and chatting with me in length, a diagnosis was finally made: Ben has ASD (autistic spectrum disorder). While they think this is fairly mild, it is still necessary to have a formal diagnosis so that we can get the help and support needed - especially at nursery/ school, where the last thing we want is for him to be labelled as "naughty"...

Incidentally, in the course of the conversation with Dr Karlman, I spoke a fair bit about our difficulties with Sam, who has a diagnosis of (and is medicated for) ADHD. I have always been convinced that Sam has ASD or Asperger's Syndrome, and yet the doctor who has been following him is adamant that ADHD is his main 'problem'. However, Dr Karlman seemed to agree with me that Sam's symptoms are much more indicative of Asperger's than ADHD (which wouldn't rule out ADHD!), and suggested that his diagnosis be reassessed, which I am now in the process of doing...

It would seem that God in His wisdom, has chosen us to parent three children with special - or 'additional' needs...
And while I wholeheartedly trust His plans for us, right now I feel emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically burned out.


  1. I am sending you prayers - what a load you are trying to carry right now...It would be unnatural for you to feel anything but burned out - but I know that this feeling of being overwhelmed will "pass" because you also know that you can handle this day by day with God's help...I hope you are getting rest and resting in Him...

  2. Jessie's right... (and isn't she great? It's so fun to reconnect with friends from 20 years ago!) If you didn't feel a bit overwhelmed, I'd be worried about your reality perspective. But I feel sure your foundation is secure, and I know that your God--my God--is in control and will carry you through.

  3. Thank you both! Your prayers mean so much, and I know it'll get easier! You are both great by the way :c)


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