Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A Week in Devon

We came home yesterday after a week spent at Mark's parents' home in Shaldon, South Devon.
I am not sure how to accurately describe our time away; suffice to say that it was jam-packed full of highs and lows..., excitement and frustration..., fun, laughter and sunshine, as well as tears, hot-tempers and nasty weather!
So for now let me simply share a few lovely snaps of some of the lovely times :)
The last few pictures are of Fleur (5), Ellie (11) and Jack (8), the boys' cousins, with whom they always have a blast! Seeing them was such a highlight... even in spite of the grey weather.


  1. beautiful pictures...love the black and white ones especially...hope all the good times of your trip outshine the not-so-good...

  2. :) thank you Jess! you are such an encourager...
    Yes overall the good stuff is remaining in the memories rather than the less-good; thank goodness!!

  3. looks like you had a lovely time, despite the ups and downs!

  4. Those are the best photos ever!!!

    Isn't our whole lives about ups and downs? It's funny how when we were little everything seems like it will be perfect when we grow up.

    Then BAM!! Life is still perfect, but there's lots of little bumps along the way!! :)



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