Sunday, 10 August 2008

Venting... Again...

Sam and Tom have been off school now for nearly 3 weeks.
3 more full weeks to go, plus 3 days before they go back, on 4th September.
And counting.

I love my boys and I am loving having them at home; it's been a lot of fun...mostly.
But today I feel like I'm turning into 'Monster-Mummy'!!
I am intolerant and irritable, and it's not even PMT...
I just can't seem to avoid shouting at them for longer than 5 minutes!
What's wrong with me?? Why am I struggling to enjoy being with my children, why do I have a such longing to get away, to have some space,

I guess the combination of constant bickering, demands, mess and fussy eating would stretch even the most saintly of mothers! Added to which I am not sleeping nearly enough, and am running on very low physical, emotional and spiritual resources all of the time.

So really, it's no wonder I'm cranky.
[Boy I love that word! It says it all, and you don't even have to know its exact meaning to get the full gist of it. Why can't we Brits loosen up a little and come up with cute little words like this that sum up a whole range of feelings in one go?!?]

Meanwhile, this is a much more worthwhile read than the above 'rant'... Do go and visit Hoggstar if your perspective needs a little kick up the backside!


  1. I have been cranky too, with family, close and extended, and with people in general. I don't like feeling like this at all. I keep trying to stop and be thankful for so much in these cases, but it doesn't always sink in, I don't think. I've had such a short fuse with Braska, too, and I just hate that. I keep thinking it'll get better "after ____" or "when ________ is done" and so on.

    I'm gonna make a better effort today and pray you have a better day as well!!

  2. You're not alone Mrs Wibbs, you are the most amazing person and a fab mother and you have a lot on your hands. Children are totally sapping as well as being wonderful. I am cranky a lot (especially driving a car!) and it's really diffcult not to be in this hectic, over-stimulating modern world. I think the only way out is to spend lots of time in prayer but that is WAY easier said than done. Oh well, will keep praying anyway!

    Thank you so much for your flattering (and undeserved) comments re the blog!

  3. Read this too

  4. RK - thank you friend, for making me feel less alone. You however can blame pregnancy hormones, which are way worse than PMT! Me: there's no excuse! I should really get over it, and be much less hard on myself and my boys. Failing that, there's always prayer - and there's always tomorrow :)

    Mrs Hogg... Hey, nice of you to comment! Am delighted to see you here. And again, I feel understood, so thank you :)
    Prayer is probably the only realistic way to deal with any/ all of these emotions... Yet strangely it's the last thing I feel like doing when I've just been screaming and swearing like a trooper!! But I guess that's where the prayers of others are especially welcome. So, yes, please do feel free to pray! And I'm off to check out that link you kindly copied for me.

  5. Ps: have visited Hitchmo, and like it. A LOT!! Thank you, lovely friend, and much love to you and your geogeous munchkin, and that hubby o'yours too :)


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