Monday, 11 August 2008

Remembering slightly warmer days...

...Was it really only 2 weeks ago??

That was July and this is now August; both months couldn't contrast more widely weather-wise, and the pool has not seen any action for quite a few days now. So my boys have finally given up braving the freezing water, and have realised that they can't actually get warm once they come out because there is no sun out there to warm them. They are sorry and bored, and are running riot indoors. Maybe-it's time to devise some cunning indoor activities... Tent-building, obstacle-course-designing, crafting-a-la-Wibbz; hmmmm... Oh - and LOTS of TV!!!

Yep, sad and nostalgic as it is, I may have to accept defeat, and agree that summer is over for another year - although this does herald the slow approach of the new school term.
I do hope we can use the pool again before schools go back, but it's not looking hopeful. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted!!

Man, I am gutted! It's not even mid-August yet, for crying out loud...

And just in case you were wondering - you were right in thinking there is one extra little boy in that video; and he most definitely does not belong to me!! He's a little neighbour-friend from across the road, who my boys like to play with in the holidays. But unsurprisingly, we've not seen him in our patch since the weather turned!


  1. is that my voice i can hear in that video.... i wonder... lol

  2. erm, yeah it is Clair ;o) sorry...!


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