Tuesday, 12 August 2008

More Pool Reminiscing and Boys in Heels...

...just because!


  1. oh good. you need to save those pictures for the teenage future. *wicked grin*

    they will come in handy.

  2. our august has cooled off as well and it is usually our hottest month...kind of odd.

    and I have just caught up with you and I can get sooo cranky too. I think for me its when I feel pulled too thin - and when more than one part of your life is pulling you (or more than one child) its so very hard to step back and regroup. hope you start to feel better soon...

  3. tonia - lol...!! wicked but so totally justified, after all they are putting me through enough in these early years, so I think some payback will be in order.

    Jessie - I know, I can't get my head around this weird weather, it seems completely topsy-turvy!
    And you are so very right about the consequences of being stretched too thinly, of being pulled in too many directions at once... at least we know we can come to our Heavenly Father for rest and 'regrouping'.
    Here's hoping that your kids soon settle back into the routine of 'normal' home-life.


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