Thursday, 14 August 2008

Glorious Evening

I took a late evening stroll tonight...
I needed some fresh air, and some time to be alone with my thoughts, and my Heavenly Father, away from noise, mess, cooking smells, chores and the general pace of life.
It was a most beautiful evening, the air fresh and fragrant after some recent rain, and the sky clearing to reveal a glorious setting sun.

After coming out of a particularly shady part of the lane, my heart stopped as I looked to my right: through the hedge in the sky I glimpsed some lean and athletic-looking clouds which had taken on an intense, golden pink-ish hue.
Everything around me was peaceful; not one car, not another soul, just the distant sound of owls calling... it was deeply soothing and totally breathtaking at the same time!

And gazing at those beautiful clouds, I felt something deep within my core, something that I don't experience very often: I felt totally in communion with my awesome Creator God.
I felt He was whispering to me that He had laid on this spectacular display to show His passion for me, and also to show me how the whole of creation joins in to worship Him.

I am one of these people who needs to be out in the middle of nowhere, alone, to really experience God. Nature and its beautiful intricacies speak to me of a majestic God who cares about the details as well as the big things in life; a Father God who cares passionately about every man and woman He ever created, and who desperately longs for each and every human being to live in relationship with Him.

What a God!!

[NB: sadly I didn't have my camera with me to capture the beauty I saw tonight. So instead, I went here]


  1. what a wonderful evening for you...I bet God delighted in sharing it...

  2. sounds like a fantastic evening...

    One thing that my photography tutor told me that really impacted me was to always carry my camera. I try and do that as much as possible for occasions such as the one you described.

  3. Wonderful! Reminds me of our beautiful ski trip to the Alps. Being surrounded by nature is definately where God feels closest, Fiona


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