Saturday, 26 July 2008

Ben's Night-Time Prayer

Ben's language is still very behind compared to an 'average' 3 1/2 year old child. However he loves to pray at bed-time, and is the only one out of my 3 boys who actually makes up his own prayers, elaborately, and with much enthusiasm. Here he is saying thank you for Messy Play, and Miss Pollys, the nursery which he attends every Tuesday from 9 to 5.30 pm. He is also praying for Daddy to get better, and says thank you for Thomas (Toto), Samuel (Wowo), Ben, Mummy and Daddy. There are a couple of sentences which I really cannot decipher, and can only assume it was either tongues, or Benjibish - Ben's special language... Either way, what matters is that God understands.

Cute, huh?!? It's so wonderful to hear my kids pray!!


  1. Really adorable. How neat to have a good habit of prayers!!

  2. I am positive that he is making God smile...that it very sweet

  3. SOOOO cute! Thank you for sharing that. We share lots of smiles behind closed eyes during Eliana's prayers... she says, "Help Mama sleep, help Daddy sleep, help Cordy and Micah sleep... AMEN!" :)


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