Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tom and the cars

I just LOVE the way Thomas has of arranging his beloved cars into such beautiful, symmetrical patterns! Genius!!
What a proud boy. Can you see the pleasure etched in his whole demeanour? So pleased, so delighted in his artwork. And why shouldn't he be?!...

I also love the way he has of playing with his cars for hours. He treats them a little like kids; he talks to them, tells them off if they've been bad, cajoles them, kisses them better if they're hurt. He breaks off fights, takes them out on trips...etc. And I never tire of watching him at play work play. It is amazing - and amusing - to see that look of deep, pure concentration on his face:
Of course he gets fiercely protective of his cars and this is what happens if ever Sam or Ben should venture into his room and dare to try and join in with his game:
Yes. Our Tom is passionate about his cars. And he is fast when he needs to be: 'mineminemine!' 'Goway!' 'My cark!'

So watch out..


  1. little boys and their cars - what an amazing relationship...Tom you are one cute car director.

  2. B - yeah; possibly worse... lol!!

    Jessie - he is one typical boy... just a specially cute one, as you say! Hope he gets to drive them for real one day, although I wouldn't want to be sat next to him!!


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