Saturday, 21 June 2008

Spiced Ribena Toast and Microwaved Dinosaurs

1 l. Ribena or similar
1/2 l. sugar-free pink grapefruit squash
1 whole bottle mixed spice
1/2 bottle best-quality vanilla essence
1 slice of bread
1 plastic dinosaur

(for best results, ensure Thomas is fully in charge)
Pour entire contents of the first 4 ingredients into a Dualit toaster
Add slice of bread - make sure it is pushed in as far as possible
Finally place plastic dinosaur into microwave oven, and microwave on full power for as long as possible.

(NB: Daddy arrived before any lasting damage was achieved... Added to which Tom doesn't yet know how to use the microwave. But at least, the kitchen smelt nice.)

Here are the empty bottles - just to prove it. Although: did you really need proof??!


  1. NO WAY! Oh my!
    HP and I blew up the toaster once. That was pretty impressive. All we did was try to toast something...
    But then, I always have been accident prone!

  2. I'm sure it would be an acquired taste...a great chef in the making!

  3. I love this recipe! :) I had to call my mom away from chores so she could read it. So funny!

  4. I have to say if this recipe was somewhat adapted it might actually make some nice tasting toast - one would probably need to add an egg and some cream or yoghurt on top afterwards. and alter the quantities a little...obviously!!
    As for the dinosaur, however - nope; can't get my head around that one!


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