Saturday, 7 June 2008

My Life in a Nutshell - May

April 28
Rachel is wondering whether to hide her belly button.(12:32pm)
Rachel is feeding Ben cucumber... horrid stuff that. (12:55pm)
Rachel is tired, hungry and smells of poop. Tom's poop. Eeeek...(5:30pm)
Rachel has been potty-training Ben for nearly one week and is proud of her boy :) (6:48pm)
April 29
Rachel feels all wrong this morning.(8:29am)
Rachel is eating rice cakes slathered in cream cheese, in bed..., having just done 2 hours of intensive exercise. Hmmm, that's better!!! (11:53am)
Rachel is outraged by the rain. (5:19pm)
Rachel has a really irritating tickle at the bak of her throat, and it's making her cough!! Bummer... (6:39pm)
Rachel is utterly exhausted and is totally going to bed. (10:33pm)
April 30
Rachel is melancholy.(2:16pm)
Rachel is finding it all a bit confusing...(3:54pm)
Rachel is almost faint with hunger and is waiting to go out for some yummy grub. (7:22pm)
May 1
Rachel is hanging out with God. (1:23pm)
Rachel is hanging out with God and drinking sweet tea... (2:00pm)
Rachel is now wondering what to cook for tea... Any ideas for some simple grub which doesn't involve frying or grilling something or other?? (2:58pm)
Rachel has decided on Pizza. (4:08pm)
Rachel just bit her tongue very hard and is in pain :o( (6:01pm)
May 2
Rachel is thinking it's time for breakfast. Porridge this morning! (7:53am)
Rachel is pining for some time alone and away from it all... (2:35pm)
Rachel is wondering whether it's too early to put Ben to bed...? (5:00pm)
Rachel can breathe again, now Ben is safely tucked in bed. (6:19pm)
Rachel feels aliiiive!! Bring it on...!!! (7:53pm)
Rachel had a little too much wine and needs to SLEEEEEP... Aah, wine is bliss!!! In moderation OBVIOUSLY. (11:57pm)
May 3
Rachel is vaguely pondering career options... (6:51pm)
May 4
Rachel is liking being warm. (1:52pm)
Rachel is baffled by her 3 year-old's obsession with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. (3:27pm)
Rachel survived playing keys in church today, and even wants to do it again...! (9:57pm)
May 5
Rachel has stuff to do. (10:04am)
Rachel has been busy doing stuff and now has rough hands. (7:19pm)
Rachel has just baked and iced a yummy cake, just because there was no cake left. (10:11pm)
Rachel is struggling to keep her eyes open...and is full of yummy cake. (10:45pm)
May 6
Rachel has a headache and wants to eat more cake, but really shouldn't. (5:09pm)
Rachel is really sticky. (7:07pm)
May 7
Rachel is delighted by a sudden turn of events: it's HOT!!! (1:43pm)
Rachel thinks Ben is probably helping himself to custard. (6:02pm)
Rachel has sheets to put on a bed before she can sleep tonight. Oh dear. (7:25pm)
May 8
Rachel is relieved. (6:56am)
Rachel is treading on eggshells: it's that time of day again!! (5:16pm)
Rachel is feeling headachy and nauseous which is never a good sign... (6:12pm)
May 9
Rachel loves the summer - and it's come early!! (2:08pm)
Rachel will most definitely go for a run tonight, but it needs to cool down first... (5:39pm)
Rachel is stunned by how self-centred people around her seem to be... (8:56pm)
Rachel has a craving for cake. Again. Just as well there's a birthday coming up...! (10:02pm)
May 10
Rachel is planning to really enjoy her birthday week end! Looking good so far... (9:45am)
May 11
Rachel is a day older than yesterday - and celebrating with salmon... (1:54pm)
May 12
Rachel got a book on porridge for her birthday. (9:29am)
Rachel is thinking the clouds in the sky should not be there. (1:29pm)
Rachel has a fat tummy from too much cake. (3:54pm)
Rachel doesn't know what to 'cook' for 3 children who hate most things. (4:15pm)
Rachel is cooking fish-bl****-fingers again!! (4:24pm)
Rachel is chilled out. Panic over. (6:05pm)
Rachel has suddenly become aware that her cravings for cake seem to occur at about the same time every evening. (6:59pm)
May 13
Rachel did nearly 3 hours of exercise this morning, and would now like some cake. (3:55pm)
Rachel has no cake in the house so is eating chocolates. (4:36pm)
Rachel is off to band practice - if the car doesn't run out of petrol that is... (6:54pm)
May 14
Rachel has a messy house but will not be defeated. (2:16pm)
Rachel is really really shaky - it was the press-ups wot did it!! (5:14pm)
Rachel has red toe nails and feels like a proper lady! (7:00pm)
May 15
Rachel is too sleepy for words... (2:07pm)
Rachel nodded off temporarily, only to wake up to a nasty yukky surprise... Any guesses??? (4:06pm)
May 16
Rachel is loving life, even though it's flippin exhausting... (7:09am)
Rachel needs to get practisin. (3:48pm)
Rachel is gonna get crafty - but for now needs to go and break up an impromptu water fight... (6:32pm)
Rachel has just cracked open a bottle of red wine. Just because. (8:23pm)
Rachel has very poor resistance to wine... One more glass?? Could be dangerous. (8:54pm)
Rachel thinks it's time for bed, after 2 glasses of wine - can hardly type straight... Pathetic!! (10:54pm)
May 17
Rachel feels irritable and irritated. (7:38pm)
Rachel can't believe it was 2 hours ago that she turned on the computer... My oh my where did the time disappear?!? Bed-time methinks. (9:43pm)
May 18
Rachel is going to Dogma!! (4:57pm)
Rachel has a poorly tummy :o( (5:33pm)
Rachel didn't go to Dogma... (7:30pm)
May 19
Rachel thinks she's getting fat. (5:32pm)
May 20
Rachel is gonna hang out with God for the next 2 hours. (2:22pm)
Rachel is eating chocolate cake before her tea... (5:33pm)
May 22
Rachel is feeling inadequate. Yep. That just about covers it. (9:46am)
Rachel is grateful that it's half term v soon... (6:41pm)
May 23
Rachel is so tired she could sleep for at least 24 hours right now... (6:06pm)
Rachel is feeling poorly. And just wants to go to bed... Typical start to the holiday then. (7:42pm)
May 24
Rachel has been awake since about 3:30 and is not a very well bunny. (5:15am)
Rachel thinks it's about time she got a proper holiday and is hoping France might be just that! (8:57am)
Rachel has packing to get on with, but is going to have a nap first. Then go for a run. Then pack, a little. Then eat. Then finish packing. Hopefully. No more updates! (2:29pm)
Rachel is wondering why iTunes isn't loading... (7:33pm)
May 25
Rachel is looking forward to some yummy French cheese, PROPER croissants fresh from the bakery, wine, etc... Hmmmmmmm..... (3:09pm)
Rachel is expecting lots of welcome back messages when she returns to Facebook in a week...s'gonna be tough!! Bye, people... (11:04pm)
May 28
Rachel managed to connect her laptop to her Dad’s internet network in France. Can’t get rid of me that easily. Yeee-hah!!!! (11:05am)
Rachel is NOT washing up! Now THAT'S what I call a holiday...(7:53pm)
May 29
Rachel is thinking it's about time to call it a night...! (11:30pm)
May 30
Rachel is having a really frustrating day, all because of a blocked sewer and some naughty French cowboy plumbers... (2:15pm)
Rachel is utterly exhausted from doing...well not very much, really! (6:44pm)
May 31
Rachel is having a much better day today :o) (10:02am)
Rachel is about to eat one heck of a meal...!! (6:56pm)
Rachel is full. (10:07pm)
June 1
Rachel is home from France - hurrah for school!!! (Sorry all you teachers out there; please still be my friends). (5:57pm)
June 2
Rachel slept from 20:00 to about 6:30 this morning. That's an insane amount of sleep... So how come she still wants to sleep?? (1:48pm)
Rachel is wondering who will write the 500th post on her wall?? (5:08pm)
Rachel is oh so very very ready for her bed. (10:41pm)
June 3
Rachel has a heavy heart and is praying for this family today: (2:57pm)
June 4
Rachel is delighted to see blue sky again...!! (6:53pm)
Rachel is gonna have some melon. (8:05pm)
June 5
Rachel has got the paddling pool out!! First time this year... (2:55pm)
Rachel is feeling low... Don't ask why! (5:33pm)
Rachel has been feeling unusually light-headed for the past 2 days and doesn't understand why... (3:14pm)
Rachel is under strict doctor's orders to do nothing for the next 48 hours. Won't argue with that...!! (6:15pm)
Rachel has BPPV. (9:57am)
Rachel is discovering more and more annoying little silvery threads running through her hair. (10:46 am)

Rachel is grateful for simple things, like melon, cake and reading in bed. (9:59pm)


  1. I love reading these...

    What a varied life...

  2. Good. Well at least SOMEONE reads my blog!!!
    Seriously, I love posting these, I think it's great fun :)


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