Monday, 28 April 2008

My Life in a Nutshell - April

March 31
Rachel is back.(9:11am)
Rachel wants to live a more simple, more holy life...(2:13pm )
April 1
Rachel is feeling crummy. But is loving the slightly warmer spring weather...(6:45pm)
April 2
Rachel has almost got the flu. And is no longer going to France for the holidays (10:15pm)
April 3
Rachel has been awake since 5 am this morning...and still full of yukky cold. Wonder what today will bring?(6:56am)
Rachel is excited about the fire engines!!(7:08pm)
April 4
Rachel is eating yummy homemade cottage pie except the Taste the Difference beef mince being full of grisstly bits isn't so yummy.(6:55pm)
April 5
Rachel is feeling alive today.(8:30am)Rachel has just had a 2-hour nap. Hmmmmmm....(3:43pm )Rachel has heartburn. Hideous, evil, yukky heartburn. Eeeeek...(10:27pm )
April 6
Rachel woke up to a snow storm and 5 inches of snow this morning!! Now we've seen it all...(8:58am)
Rachel reckons it might well snow again in the night... That would be a lot of fun!!(8:44pm )
April 7
Rachel took herself to casualty in the middle of the night with heartburn like you wouldn't believe...(9:16am)
Rachel is sooooo tired! But it's been a good day, all things considered.(6:32pm )
April 8
Rachel is glad Ben is at nursery for the day.(1:53pm)
Rachel is amazed that Sam emptied the whole dishwasher all by himself - with a little encouragement obviously... Praising a child works wonders on their self esteem :) (4:26pm)
Rachel enjoyed band practice tonight, even 'how great thou art'...(10:42pm)
April 9
Rachel doesn't want to speak too soon, but the holidays seem to be going well so far!(2:07pm)
Rachel is nervous about Mark going to Albania...(11:09pm)
April 10
Rachel loves watching her boys play together!(5:23pm)
Rachel is praying for Mark, Brucey and Steve as they fly out to Athens tonight...And also that the fire engines make it out of the customs compound.(10:51pm )
April 11
Rachel is in trouble...(12:51pm)
Rachel is going to treat herself to a night out at the cinema :-) (5:26pm)
Rachel is pretty much done.(11:33pm )
April 12
Rachel is having a chill out day and the kids are being wonderful!!(11:27am)
Rachel is eating salmon for the 2nd night in a row... yum yum yuuum!!(6:36pm )
Rachel is missing her Mark but kinda liking the space... Is that bad??(7:33pm)
April 13
Rachel really REALLY enjoyed singing tonight, and reckons she didn't sound too bad :) (10:12pm)
April 14
Rachel wonders what this week will bring...And is drawing closer to God :) About time!! (8:09am)
Rachel cannot believe it's raining again. And is just sick to death of this rubbish, cold weather. It's about time we got some decent sunshine for a change!! (1:19pm )
Rachel has decided that she doesn't love Charley B enough to warrant a trip halfway up the M40 at 6 in the morning to see him off on his new trip :( Nice thought tho. (7:38pm )
April 15
Rachel really needs to get up now, and get ready for step :@) Can't wait!!! (8:04am)
Rachel is tired after step and a long walk with Sam and Tom...Ecstatic to hear Mark's voice on the phone too!!!(1:07pm)
Rachel is now tired full-stop. And looking forward to some yummy take-away with Cas :) (6:43pm)
Rachel can't believe Sam is still awake :O ! (10:43pm)
April 16
Rachel had a great time at Finkley Down and is now eagerly awaiting her hubby's return!! (5:20pm)
Rachel is delighted that Mark and the gang are home from Albania safe and sound, if completely exhausted...(10:39pm)
April 17
Rachel thinks Mark may have 'fallen in love' with Albania...(8:42am)
Rachel has been making cake.(5:40pm)
April 18
Rachel is enjoying looking at all the piccies of the boys' trip to Albania, and thinks she might upload some herself - on Mark's behalf obviously...(9:51am)
Rachel is flatulent.(8:20pm)
April 19
Rachel is happy :o).(8:51am)
April 21
Rachel feels pregnant...but isn't. Pants, it must be a bug :(.(9:13am)
Rachel would llike to clarify: she really DOESN'T want to be pregnant. And REALLY isn't...Phew!!(1:56pm)
Rachel is having cake and tea.(2:59pm)
Rachel is starving. Blasted PMT! Would even eat brocolli if there was some available...(6:22pm)
Rachel wonders if she can be bothered to go to the gym...(6:55pm)
Rachel enjoyed the gym but feels a little shaky now.(8:24pm)

April 22
Rachel has had a lovely day but now it's back into 'mummy' mode. It's not that bad. Honest!(5:18pm)
Rachel is feeling fairly sleepy. Which is a good thing. Might even go to bed.(11:55pm)
April 23
Rachel is worried about what effect Body Pump is having on her body...only time will tell. Ouch!!(11:29am)
Rachel is wearing a pair of lime green crocs with no socks on!! Spring is here!!!!(4:04pm)
April 24
Rachel had a nap earlier and feels rubbish!(5:02pm)
Rachel is trying to ignore Ben.(5:37pm)
Rachel has had enough of being mummy today.(5:54pm)
Rachel has got to go to Sainsbury's to buy philadelphia. There goes my restful evening...(8:15pm)
April 26
Rachel thought Ben's party was a great success!! And is grateful for her amazing garden, amazing friends, and glorious weather...(2:51pm)
Rachel is feeling yummy.(2:17pm)
Rachel is wondering whether to hide her belly button.(12:32pm)
Rachel is feeding Ben cucumber... horrid stuff that.(12:55pm)
Rachel is tired, hungry and smells of poo. Tom's poo. Eeeek...(5:30pm)
Rachel has been potty training Ben for nearly one week, and is proud of her boy :) (18:20pm)

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