Sunday, 6 April 2008

Last Minute Snowman

So we came back from church. It was about 5 pm before the kids (minus Ben, who was in the bath) had mustered enough energy - from an early supper - to have their daily 'garden-romp' ; except this was a romp with a difference! As you can well imagine, there was very little snow left by that time in the day. But this didn't seem to put Sam off, and he set about making a snowman with whatever snow he and Tom could gather. Here he is. He's quite a dude I think you'll agree... In fact we've christened him 'Snowdude'.
Sam got busy putting a few finishing touches to his creation... under Tom's watchful supervision
And that made Sam very happy indeed!!!
Meanwhile Thomas decided he'd get himself acquainted with Snowdude. I'd say he found him quite endearing, wouldn't you??
Clearly delighted about having made friends with Snowdude, Tom then proceeded to do a little jig:Whichever way you look at it, it was a fun afternoon...!

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  1. Such joys! And I say again, such beautiful boys you have. :)

    Thanks for your kind comment over at my blog... it encouraged me. I guess I'm just feeling quiet of late.

    Love to you, Rachel.


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